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In summer, six layers of all-cotton cloth toentowel covered with cotton adult thin blanket for children's air conditioning nap

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Six layers of gauze cover the blanket Breathable and absorbent cover blanket


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  • * SUPER SOFT & COZY - All Season Blanket - Our skin friendly glow in the dark blankets for girls and boys are made from premium, soft, fluffy, flannel fleece.  This plush fabric actually becomes softer and stronger with every wash and never pills, frays, fades or loses it's magical glow.


    * SWEET DREAMS, NO MORE SCARY MONSTERS - With this glow in dark blanket, kids that are afraid of the dark or have trouble sleeping will be eager to jump into bed early, and they'll stay sound asleep all night.  Which means more "me time" for mom and dad


    * FUN GIFT FOR KIDS This soft cozy blanket is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and sleep over parties.  It will quickly become their favorite blanket to snuggle on the couch, play with friends or take with them on car trips to visit grandma.


    * A SENSE OF WONDER & COMFORT - the kids glow in the dark blanket gift set provides secure comfort while traveling or at home. This makes it an ideal exciting birthday present for boys and girls age 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and up.


    Six-layer structure, cloud-like soft, quick moisture absorption and drainage, skin fresh and not stickyAB version of two designs, fashion and beautiful, much loved by the masses

    • Six layers of gauze cover the blanket
    • Breathable and absorbent cover blanket

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